Gary - vocals

Kenny - bass guitar

Gogs - guitar

Brian - guitar/keyboards

Derek - drums

Andy - trombone

Ruari - trumpet

GILCHRIST were initially formed by Gogs Anthoney (guitar) & Gary Fraser (vocals) a few years ago where the main aim was to record and produce songs in Gogs's studio. It wasn’t until Gogs met bass player Kenny Donald in 2013 that the idea arose of getting together for jam sessions. These kick started the whole process of getting a live band together again. Derek Buglass joined (drums) and was soon followed by Brandon Marchant (guitar) to make up the first real Gilchrist line up. We went to work straight away on recording the debut album ‘Funky Philosophy' which we released on 11 November 2014 via CD Baby. 

Soon after the release of the first album we recruited Brian Knox (guitars & keyboards) who replaced Brandon who returned home to Canada. We also wanted a horn section and, thanks to Kenny's persistance in advertising online, we soon added what has become known as THE GILCHRIST HORNS. 

Annabel Bloomfield (trombone) was our first horn player. She was soon joined by Ruari Wilson (trumpet) and the band played a number of gigs with Annabel and Ruari as a 2 piece horn section. Frazer Simpson (sax) joined the band at the end of 2015 to make it a 3 piece and played a number of gigs with the band. Annabel left the band at the start of 2017 to move down South but we were lucky to get Andy Blair in as a replacement quickly.

Gary Fraser - Vocals

I have been writing/performing with Gogs since our late teens. I have sung in disco/funk covers bands like Funkstar as well as bands playing original material, namely Fools Gold, A Dangerous Tribe and now Gilchrist.

I have played all over the UK and also performed in the States with Gogs in the early 90's.

I can honestly say that the Gilchrist experience is by far the most rewarding musical adventure I've been involved in. Enjoy our Funky Philosophy!

Influences - Prince, MIchael Hutchence, Average White Band, George Clinton and too many others to mention.

Musical Hero/icon - Gogs - Without you, none of this would be possible. End of!

Kenny Donald - Bass

I currently play with Gilchrist and Edinburgh funk covers band Groove Nation.

I have played with and written songs for many bands over the years in Aberdeen, London and Edinburgh. I have also played as a session bassist in London.

My bass playing influences include Mark King, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten and Bernard Edwards to name a few. My main recent musical influences are Miles Davis, RHCP and Jamiroquai.


Bass: Wal Custom Mk3 bass guitar

Amp: Hartke LH 1000 bass head with Hartke HX410 Hydrive cabinet

Gogs Anthoney - Guitars & Backing vocals

I taught myself to play the guitar from the age of 13 after getting into bands like ACDC, Van Halen, Def Leppard. I soon started writing my own songs and getting a band together. I played in various bands from the age of 14 namely; Merlin, Fools Gold, Highlander & Veer.

I auditioned and joined Highlander in 1989 – they released their debut album in 1990 and toured throughout the UK supporting acts such as Texas as well as headlining the Lorient Festival in Brittany, France in August 1990.

Veer released their self-titled debut album in 1998 and also won the t-break competition which resulted in a spot at the PRS stage at the T-In The Park festival the same year.

Although I have mainly been a rock guitarist, I enjoy listening and playing a variety of styles but rock/funk is what I’m most into and the reason why I love being in Gilchrist.


Guitars: Ocean Blue Gibson Les Paul Traditional, Gold Top Gibson Les Paul Standard, Ebony Gibson Les Paul Standard, Yamaha SG1000, Blundel Explorer Custom, Martin Acoustic, Goshi Acoustic, Aranjuez Classical, Yamaha 12 string & Fender Jazz Bass.

Amp: Crate v50 all tube combo, Marshall JCM2000 TSL122

Derek Buglass - Drums

I started playing drums at 15, taught by Edinburgh Jazz Drummer Bobby Cockburn who was the drummer in my dad's jazz band. Started gigging in covers bands at age 16 and soon developed a love for playing funk.

After many years in various covers and originals bands, I landed the drum seat in Glasgow based instrumental jazz/funk band Washington Street, released a couple of EPs and played some great gigs including gigs in Princes Street Gardens during the festival and up and down the country and were a regular performers at The Jazz Bar in Edinburgh over the course of the last 10 years.

Also lucky enough to have played a couple of Numbers onstage with Alex Horne and the Horne Section during the Edinburgh festival 2013. Now delighted to be playing with Gilchrist amongst my other drumming commitments, such as lessons to beginners and playing and a Disco/Funk covers band, plus occasional dep gigs.


Kit: Yamaha Oak Custom Drums with a Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare / a mix of Zildjian A and K cymbals.

Ruari Wilson - Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Backing vocals

I was a choir boy in London in the Swinging 60s, which explains a lot. As a young pro musician I toured with Chipperfields Circus and performed in show bands in Germany and Holland (dodgy clubs mostly) as well as having a few stories to tell playing for theatre and ballet here in the UK.

Having grown up a bit now I am as passionate about music as ever and hold music performance and teaching diplomas from the Royal Schools of Music and Birmingham Conservatoire. I am a lecturer for New College Lanarkshire and the City of Edinburgh Council.

I am pretty obsessed at present with horn sections (trumpet, trombone, saxophone) including the legendary Jerry Hey, Ramhlee Michael Davis, Tom Walsh, Dan Fornero and on and on. Yes - you have heard these guys play even though you’ve not heard of them….Strictly, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire and any number of film scores.

Brian Knox - Guitar/Keyboards

Originally from Ayrshire, I started out on guitar as a teenager and have played in
a variety of rock and blues bands over
the years. Somewhere along the way I
picked up keyboards after falling in love with the sound of old Hammond organs

and Rhodes pianos. I have a wide range of influences but the few that stand out
most are probably Dave Gilmour,
Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Rick Wright and
John Mayall. Playing keys and guitar with Gilchrist has allowed me to fully

embrace the funk and I feel privileged to play with such a talented bunch of
musicians! Gear List: Guitars: Custom US Fender Strat Amps: Handbuilt valve amps, Marshall JMP1, Marshall 50/50, Keyboards: Nord Electro, various softsynths

Andy Blair - Trombone

I moved to Edinburgh back in 2012 in order to study music at the University of Edinburgh. Having completed my bachelors in music in June 2016, I am currently studying for a masters in music composition. While in Edinburgh I have been fortunate enough to perform in various ensembles across multiple genres. Since joining Gilchrist back in October 2016 I have enjoyed the opportunity to perform at some of Scotland’s best venues with a great group of musicians.

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